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  • Dawn Cumming

The flavours of salt

I don't actually use a lot of salt in my cooking but when I do I like to make sure that it is flavoursome. I have a real passion for herbs and plants and I like to combine these with salt to make interesting salt blends. It seems that the Tuscans like to do this as well since you can find a variety of flavoured salts on sale in their supermarkets and market stalls. I love to make a Tuscan herb (erbe toscane) flavoured salt using a mixture of fresh rosemary, sage, thyme, fennel seeds and lemon peel which I sprinkle over roast meats and grilled vegetables.

One of my favourite combinations is 'Sale Fiori di Campo ' (wildflower salt) as it looks so pretty and colourful with its addition of rose petals, malva (mallow) and calendula amongst other flowers. I actually bought this variety from a shop in Pisa airport. I'm definitely going to be making a dried flower flavoured salt blend this summer.

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