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  • Dawn Cumming

The Beauty of Basil

I love to grow and use herbs in both cooking and making natural cosmetics. Basil is used a great deal in Italian cooking, think Pesto, Caprese salad...... mmmm I'm already feeling hungry! Basil can be grown easily as a windowsill plant. I adore the smell of basil it is so uplifting. Even if you don't grow your own and just buy it from a supermarket you will notice it's scent immediately. Interestingly, what I haven't always noticed is the flower of this herb. I must say though that it is a most interesting dainty white flower that really deserves to be seen. Generally the flowers are snipped off from the plant as soon as they appear since it is thought that they slow the production of leaves and reduce the flavour. If like me you would like to appreciate the flowers then just pop them in a vase and enjoy.

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