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  • Dawn Cumming

Simple essence of Tuscany

It seems that around every corner in Tuscany there is something of beauty to see no matter how simple it may appear. I love to capture the simple essence of Tuscany whether it be in the detail of an old knarled olive trunk, work worn tools, ancient stone walls........... the list could on and on.

I take lots of photographs using my i phone but I always make sure that when I see something of interest I really look at it first with my eyes before just tapping the 'photo' button. I like to think of it as though I am going to paint what I see before me , although in reality I am no artist. Firstly I consider whether what I see would make a pleasing composition. I observe the details of colour, light, texture and form. I guess this is the art historian in me since I am trained to see detail. Beauty can be found in everything, you just need to know how to look.

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